Avast Fix for Couchtuner

So apparently Avast has blocked our beloved Couchtuner and people are buggin lol  this will show you how to fix it in Avast settings

Step one Open avast and click the Security tab under the # 1


Step two click the Web shield button under the # 2

Step three click the settings button under the # 3


Step four choose exclusions next to # 4


Step five copy & paste or type in these url’s  and any others avast may be blocking make sure to use the ” * ” after www. & at the end of the url
EXAMPLE:  www.*zzstream.li/*

(  http://www.*couchtuner.eu/*  ) ( http://www.*zzstream.li/* ) next to # 5

Step six click ok at the bottom right and you are now back in the game hope this helps 🙂