Avast Fix for Couchtuner

So apparently Avast has blocked our beloved Couchtuner and people are buggin lol  this will show you how to fix it in Avast settings

Step one Open avast and click the Security tab under the # 1


Step two click the Web shield button under the # 2

Step three click the settings button under the # 3


Step four choose exclusions next to # 4


Step five copy & paste or type in these url’s  and any others avast may be blocking make sure to use the ” * ” after www. & at the end of the url
EXAMPLE:  www.*zzstream.li/*

(  http://www.*couchtuner.eu/*  ) ( http://www.*zzstream.li/* ) next to # 5

Step six click ok at the bottom right and you are now back in the game hope this helps 🙂


How to properly share posts on Facebook

Because i have been seeing SOOO MANY ” Attachment Unavailable ” posts all over FB

How to post or share another post:

1: If from your OWN wall: YOU MUST make sure the post you are trying to share is set to ” PUBLIC ” if it is set to anything else people that are not on your friends list will only see ” Attachment Unavailable ”

2: If from someone Else s wall same rule applies they must have it set to public

If shared from any group that is not an open group meaning it is a private/Closed group
same rule applies you will get ” Attachment Unavailable ”


in the picture below this means a post is public and can be shared



Discovering Hidden Backdoors In D-Link Home Routers

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W2BORQOE7M]

D-Link devices that are likely affected:

  • DIR-100
  • DIR-120
  • DI-624S
  • DI-524UP
  • DI-604S
  • DI-604UP
  • DI-604+
  • TM-G5240

Additionally, several Planex routers also appear to use the same firmware:

  • BRL-04R
  • BRL-04UR
  • BRL-04CW

Some versions of the DIR-615 are also affected, including those distributed by Virgin Mobile.

Aparently there has been a patch released to fix this issue you can find on D-Links page HERE